FRV 02

IO Radio

WMAC IO Radio can monitor up to 4 contracts, any simple open and closed relay or digital port, and via RS485 other devices. The IO Radio provides a radio connection between remote devices and WMAC EdgeConnect Cloud Software.  The EdgeConnect software adds business logic and can forward the alarm or data to Email, Text, SCADA, or other custom applications.


EC Magnifix2

What can it do

Shown here monitoring Sigma FPI on an Eaton Magnefix 11kv switch.  Currently being used to monitor Burglar Alarms, can remotely (Arm & Disarm), Bund Level, Door Sensor (Open & Close), Gas Alarm (Methane), and Pressure Report (SF6).

Basic Specifications

  • 4 x analog or digital ports
  • 1 x RS485/Modbus port 
  • 2-way messaging, to control remote devices
  • Available as Mains or Battery powered
  • 8 plus years of battery life
  • Integration Radio
  • Connection to SCADA

Looking for a reliable monitoring solution?

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