Transformer Monitoring



WMAC DTM (Distribution Transformer Monitor) sensors are designed to easily retrofit to an LV Distribution Transformer to monitor Voltages, Currents and Power Quality.

Available for Pad Mount and Pole Top installation.

Poletop DTM

What can it do

The DTM comes with its own integrated radio and support for a range of additional sensors.

Can monitor the current on up to 8 feeder circuits, Transformer temperature, Audio for profiling tracking and arcing on both HV and LV sides of the transformer and Ultrasonic to profile corona in the transformer. 

Basic Specifications

  • 3 Phase Voltage (calibrated to 1V)
  • 3 Phase & Neutral Currents 
  • Transformer Oil Temperature 
  • Voltage and Current Harmonic Power Factor
  • Bluetooth for configuration and testing
  • Multiple radio options

Looking for a reliable monitoring solution?

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